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Foreign Worker Recruitment Consultancy

A. Direct Approval Application
  • Application to related local authorities (Labour Office, KDN & Immigration)
  • Approval / Documentation from related local authorities (Labor Office, KDN & Immigration)
  • Application for Calling Visa
  • Work Permit (PLKS) Renewal
  • Immigration “Special Pass” application
  • Passport Endorsement
  • Selection of workers (Visa with reference)
  • Clearance of workers after their arrival
  • Transportation of workers after arrival
  • Foreign workers replacement application
  • FOMEMA medical examination


B. Oversea Recruitment and Selection Service

In order to fulfill our respective clients demand and need, we do offer OVERSEA RECRUITMENT SERVICE to our clients which accompanied by our professional staffs as well. We always believe face to face interview always is the most effective methods to recruit foreign workers as our clients could select the preferable worker based of their requirement on site. On top of that our reliable foreign partnership will filter and do the first screening before recommend the workers for interview to ensure suitability for international employment requirements. Our company do provide adequate orientation program to minimized workers’ potential issues such as culture shock and home sickness when come to the country for work.

Lastly, we will in charge of obtaining approvals from the labour and immigration departments in source country arrangement as well as immigration clearance and arrangement deployment of workers to the country for employment.